16+ years conversion experience
2,000+ A/B tests with 300+ clients
Multiple best speaker awards
at renowned marketing conferences
Built Europe's 2nd biggest CRO agency
Now: Sharing knowledge independently
Nils Kattau: Speaker, Consultant, Startup Founder, Author

I'm all about conversion optimisation.

Telling people their websites are bad since 2004.

I'm not even kidding.

My bio
Awkwardly written in 3rd person.

Nils Kattau is one of the leading conversion optimisation experts. Since 2004, he has run 2,000+ A/B/n-tests for more than 300 companies, and built one of the biggest agencies specialised in conversion optimisation.

Since leaving his agency in 2016, he has been focusing on his own projects, and online marketing events. He is co-author of several books about conversion optimisation, online marketing, and growth hacking.

Each year, he speaks on the stages of many popular conferences, and well-known companies. Nils frequently shares his knowledge in webinars, and social media.

Also, he is the first CRO university lecturer for Google’s European Digital Marketing Degree.

Nils works with brands like Facebook, Airbnb, PayPal, Amazon Audible and ebay with the goal to improve their conversions or knowledge in the field.

Made in Germany. Living abroad. (Thanks, internet.)

My conversion skill set

Psychology & Neuromarketing. I make heavy use of web & consumer psychology to increase conversions by utilising behavioural patterns, cognitive biases, pricing, and other persuasion techniques.

Usability. I strengthen the foundation of websites & marketing assets through ease of use, optimised orientation, clarity, and application of usability heuristics.

Attention Analytics. I examine people's attention behaviour with mouse tracking, eye tracking, and predictive eye tracking.

Web Analytics. I use Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager on a daily basis to identify conversion leaks and uplift potentials.

User Research. I collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative feedback through user surveys & polls, user playbacks, form analytics, and event tracking.

UI / UX Design. I designed my first website when I was 11 years old, and never stopped growing in the field. This crazy long knowledge about design helps me massively with conversion optimisation.

Copywriting. Good copy is at the heart of conversion optimisation. I help write conversion copy that persuades and sells.

Frontend. Backend. It is crucial for my work to know what works, what doesn't, and what boundaries are when it comes to HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and similar technologies.

A/B/n Testing. I am highly experienced in test setups (Google Optimize, AB Tasty, Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Target, etc.), test monitoring, and test results analysis & interpretation.

Email marketing. I gathered years of experience in email automation, personalization, drip campaigns, email a/b testing, and email analytics.

Business. I've been running several businesses myself, and worked with hundreds of them. This deep understanding of business models, pricing structures, product development, and marketing setups is crucial for the bigger picture of conversion optimisation, and communication with stakeholders.

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