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2,000+ A/B tests with 300+ clients
Multiple best speaker awards
at renowned marketing conferences
Built Europe's 2nd biggest CRO agency
Now: Sharing knowledge independently
Your Individual Landing Page Concept & Wireframe

Get your high-converting landing page. Without the trial & error.

Benefit from my conversion optimization experience of working with 300+ companies, including small and medium businesses, and leading brands.

"Pure inspiration"

"Working with Nils was pure inspiration for us.

He conveys his extensive knowledge in an equally structured and very charming way. His approaches are extremely precise and get right to the point.

We are sustainably amazed."
Juergen Lange, Liebelei Likoere

"Helped us to improve our website significantly"

"Nils succeeds in identifying outstanding potentials for improvement within very short time. And he communicates these in a simple, understandable, and comprehensible manner.

He brings things precisely to the point, and thus helped us to improve our website significantly."
Bennett Asal, univativ

"His tips are worth gold"

With his efficient analysis, Nils was able to show us the UX barriers in our sales pages.

With his constructive suggestions we were able to increase our conversion rate, and reduce the bounce rate to a minimum.

His tips are worth gold for every marketer. An absolute recommendation.
Chris Franke, Seatris
See what a better landing page does to your earnings

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My landing page wireframe process


Free consultation call

In our 30-minute call, we go through what your landing page is about, what your goals are, what to focus on, and the desired timeline.


Your quote

Based on our call, I send you a quote within 24 hours. Once accepted, I proceed with the landing page wireframe.


Project kick-off call

In a kick-off call, I ask you a list of crucial questions about your offer. This way, we make sure that our understanding of your offer, and what goals to pursue, are aligned.


Competition analysis

I go through your competitors' landing pages, and note what they do well, how they position themselves, and what their USPs are. After all, you want to stand out, and be perceived as the better option.


Wireframe creation & copywriting recommendations

Your wireframe shows where every single component should be placed, and how high it should be in the visual hierarchy of the landing page. In addition to that, I give you my copywriting recommendations to persuade potential customers.


Conversion & persuasion top-up

Once the draft of the wireframe is complete, I add a bunch of components and techniques with the goal to increase your conversion rate even further.


Live presentation

The landing page wireframe is presented via Zoom call to you (and your team). We go through all recommendations I made, and clear any questions you might have.
Let's look into the details

This is what you will get from your individual landing page concept & wireframe:

State-of-the-art user experience.

Profit from the latest conversion knowledge, repeatable best practices, and my comprehensive experience in building and optimizing landing pages for businesses of any size and for almost any industry.

15+ years of conversion knowledge.

What makes people complete your goals? What makes them abandon? How to take control of where they look, and when? I put my deep understanding of consumer behaviour and website user experience into your landing page wireframe.

Copywriting recommendations.

When it comes to selling online, having irresistible text on your pages is crucial. I give detailed recommendations on what to say when, and how to structure the text so people read the right words to make them convert.

Psychological tweaks.

Scarcity. Authority. Social proof. Anchoring. These are only 4 of many psychological tweaks to use in your landing page. I make heavy use of behaviour patterns, cognitive bias, and neuro marketing to increase your conversion rates even more.

Designer instructions.

Which elements of your landing page should be more prominent? Which should drag less attention? By using a simple method called Niehaus® wireframing, I make crystal clear how to design the visual hierarchy of your landing page – for guiding the visitor's eye the right way. I will go through this with your designer, of course.

No designer at hand?

No problem.

I work with two of the best conversion designers. Based on the wireframe I create, they are happy to make your new landing page design pixel-perfect.


Your landing page wireframe is created using a responsive grid system. This way, it is clear how the display of content on your page reacts to different screen sizes. If you already use a grid system, I will make sure it fits.

Developer instructions.

What are clickable areas? What happens when users interact? What elements should be "sticky"? How do parts of your page change based on specific conditions (such as products available)? Your wireframe includes all necessary instructions your developer needs.

Live presentation with Q&A.

You and your team can join the online presentation where I will share my screen, go through your new landing page wireframe, and explain every part in detail. During this live presentation, you can ask all your questions so everything is 100% clear for you.

Recordings included.

The live presentation session will be recorded and privately shared with you afterwards. This way, you and your team can re-watch anytime, anywhere.

Quality assurance.

My job doesn't end after creating the concept & wireframe. I give comprehensive feedback on the landing page once it is designed, and once it is developed. This way, I ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

A/B testing support.

You want to measure how your new landing page is performing against your old one? Awesome. I can help you with test setup, what goals and metrics to measure, and interpreting the results.

Ready for your new high-converting landing page?

"Nils is a unicorn

among landing page experts"
Ben Harmanus, Unbounce (now: HubSpot)

I'm happy to offer you a free consultation call. These are my conditions:

  • 1
    You love your service, product or brand. Seriously, this is important.
  • 2
    You have seen at least one of my conference talks, videos or livestreams. I want to make sure you understand that I know my topic.
  • 3
    You are fine with 100% remote work. We will use zoom.com for meetings and presentations. No extra costs.
  • 4
    Your budget for this exceeds 5,000 €. I have fixed prices for my services – no rip-offs. You will get the exact details after we talked about your project.
  • 5
    You really want to make an impact on your conversions.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation now.

The call is free and non-binding. I speak English and German.