16+ years conversion experience
2,000+ A/B tests with 300+ clients
Multiple best speaker awards
at renowned marketing conferences
Built Europe's 2nd biggest CRO agency
Now: Sharing knowledge independently
Conversion Optimisation Consulting

Dominate the market and make more money with consulting & training  in conversion optimisation.

Benefit from my conversion optimization experience of working with 300+ companies, including small and medium businesses, and leading brands.

Get top-notch optimization advice.
My outstanding track record includes working with 300+ companies in 2,000+ A/B tests.
Empower your team to improve your sales & leads.
I deliver high-end conversion knowledge on a monthly, ongoing basis.
Become PRO at conversion optimization.
Practical optimisation advice, and conversion training by one of the leading CRO experts.

"Pure inspiration"

"Working with Nils was pure inspiration for us.

He conveys his extensive knowledge in an equally structured and very charming way. His approaches are extremely precise and get right to the point.

We are sustainably amazed."
Juergen Lange, Liebelei Likoere

"Helped us to improve our website significantly"

"Nils succeeds in identifying outstanding potentials for improvement within very short time. And he communicates these in a simple, understandable, and comprehensible manner.

He brings things precisely to the point, and thus helped us to improve our website significantly."
Bennett Asal, univativ

"His tips are worth gold"

With his efficient analysis, Nils was able to show us the UX barriers in our sales pages.

With his constructive suggestions we were able to increase our conversion rate, and reduce the bounce rate to a minimum.

His tips are worth gold for every marketer. An absolute recommendation.
Chris Franke, Seatris
See what conversion consulting & training can do to your earnings

Conversion optimisation pays off like crazy.
See for yourself:

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My onboarding process


Free consultation call

In our 30-minute call, we go through what your company is about, how I can help you improve conversions, what to focus on, and the desired schedule.


Your quote

Based on our call, I send you a quote within 24 hours. Once accepted, I proceed with the onboarding.

Onboarding: Part 1

Intense, state-of-the-art conversion knowledge infusion

I make sure that your team gets a comprehensive round-up in conversion optimisation.
No prior knowledge required.
Conversion optimisation as a process
Repeatable learnings from 2,000+ a/b tests
How to direct the visitor’s attention
How to convince people to convert
Landing page optimisation
Email marketing & list building
Mobile conversion optimisation
Web psychology & behavioural patterns
Conversion research with analytics, mouse tracking, & co

Onboarding: Part 2

Identifying your CRO status quo

On this day, we answer several questions about your previous and future optimisation efforts.

The list of questions depends on your individual state of conversion optimisation. Maybe you are just starting out, maybe you already have a lot of optimisation history.

Onboarding: Part 3

An initial set of CRO tools

To ensure an optimal foundation for all future conversion efforts, I will equip you with a set of to-dos and tools.

The set is based on your individual CRO status quo, and can include tools like:
A list of event and goal trackings for your web analytics
With the goal to do better, more exact, and more valid conversion research for more conversion optimisation success.
A catalog of requirements for a CRO analytics dashboard
With the goal to monitor crucial CRO metrics, and to save time in conversion research.
A unique, step-by-step conversion optimisation process for your business
With the goal to assure long-term CRO success, involve stakeholders, handle approvals, and ensure testing quality.
A data sheet for experiment ideas (on steroids)
With the goal to avoid gut-feeling-based testing (it’s bad), to prioritise the most promising ideas, and to discuss test variation setups.
A catalog of requirements for CRO documentation
With the goal to document tests and learnings, make them searchable and usable for future tests, file best-performers, and report to stakeholders.

My consulting & training approach

Weekly support calls with your team

During the calls, we go through whatever is currently important.

Topics can include:
Conversion analysis and research
Test ideas
Hypotheses & test prioritisation
Test variants & setups
Running tests
Analysis & interpretation of finished tests
CRO process adjustments
Funnel creation & optimisation
Landing page creation & optimisation
Email marketing
Analytics improvements
HR & recruiting for CRO

Expert heuristic input

Each month, I invest a set amount of time to help you further.
Optimisation tips for your pages & funnels
Get my expert view on your new and existing pages to make your conversions leap forward.
Concept & wireframe creation
Get my optimal foundation for your test variations, landing pages, widgets, seasonal special pages, etc. Or for brand new page types.
And anything else you need my expertise for
Let's talk about how I can help you increase your sales & leads in the best possible way.

Ready to kill it in conversion optimisation?

"You can really notice his multi-year experience – he simply knows what he is talking about. 100% knowledge. 0% bullshit."

Thorsten Becker, Sixt

I'm happy to offer you a free consultation call. These are my conditions:

  • 1
    You love your service, product or brand. Seriously, this is important.
  • 2
    Your website generates a minimum of 2,000 conversions every month. Otherwise a/b-testing progress will be too slow and we can’t really push forward.
  • 3
    You have seen at least one of my conference talks, videos or livestreams. I want to make sure you understand that I know my topic.
  • 4
    You are fine with 100% remote work. We will use zoom.com for meetings and presentations. No extra costs.
  • 5
    Your budget for this exceeds 6,000 €. I have fixed prices for my services – no rip-offs. You will get the exact details after we talked about your project.
  • 6
    You are willing to be challenged, and don’t take criticism (of your website) personally. My work requires brutal honesty. I like to have a very good relationship with my clients.
  • 7
    You really want to make an impact on your conversions.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation now.

The call is free and non-binding. I speak English and German.