16+ years conversion experience
2,000+ A/B tests with 300+ clients
Multiple best speaker awards
at renowned marketing conferences
Built Europe's 2nd biggest CRO agency
Now: Sharing knowledge independently
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Video: Directing Attention & Convincing Visitors

Learn how to influence people's attention and conversion decisions.
  • 14 conversion principles explained
  • Compressed into to a keynote of 26 minutes
  • Instant access to the video
  • Lifetime access
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What's included?

Learn from one of the best conversion experts.

Nils Kattau has run 2,000+ A/B/n-tests for more than 300 companies, and built one of the biggest agencies specialised in conversion optimisation.

Comprehensive in-detail video lecture.

In this 26 minutes video, learn all you need to know to influence people’s attention and conversion decisions while they are on your landing page or website.

Immediate access to the video.

Get into the lecture immediately after purchasing.

Detailed description

Gain control over your website visitors' behaviour.

In this video, you will learn techniques to take control of where people look, sure-fire ways to make people understand your website fast, how to make people buy online without tricking them, how to write irresistible calls-to-action, and much more.

These chapters are included in the 26-minutes video:

  • Directing attention with the primacy-recency effect + contrast 3:33
  • Directional cues + people vs. visual hierarchy 2:41
  • More ways to direct attention 1:18
  • Aim for a 1:1 attention ratio 2:04
  • The first impression 1:46
  • Perception of value 1:16
  • How to use your header whitespace to increase conversions 3:22
  • Using understandable imagery 2:12
  • Transform features into benefits 1:23
  • How to write really good calls-to-action with the CTA headline formula + reason to complete formula 2:12
  • Button colours don't matter 1:08
  • How to make people read your content 1:40
  • Conversion element placement 0:54

Yes, this video is years worth of knowledge, compressed into practical tips that you can apply right away.

You will definitely learn a lot of things!

To answer some of your burning questions:

How long can I access the video?

You will have lifetime access to the video.

Will all content be available immediately?

Absolutely. You will get immediate access to the video, sent to your email.

Who is this video right for?

This video is made for beginners and advanced marketers. It is great for you to improve your skills in any marketing discipline – not only conversion optimisation. It helps you improve your professional value as UX/UI designer, SEO, social media, product development manager, etc.

If you wish to have more control on your people’s attention and decision on your website, this video is for you.