16+ years conversion experience
2,000+ A/B tests with 300+ clients
Multiple best speaker awards
at renowned marketing conferences
Built Europe's 2nd biggest CRO agency
Now: Sharing knowledge independently
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Video: Email Marketing & List Building

Get more conversions & revenue out of one of the best marketing channels.
  • 40 conversion principles explained
  • Compressed into to a keynote of 40 minutes
  • Instant access to the video
  • Lifetime access
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What's included?

Learn from one of the best conversion experts.

Nils Kattau has run 2,000+ A/B/n-tests for more than 300 companies, and built one of the biggest agencies specialised in conversion optimisation.

Comprehensive in-detail video lecture.

Email marketing is one the best marketing channels with the highest ROI – if done right. In this 40 minutes video, learn all you need to know to utilise it to make much more money.

Immediate access to the video.

Get into the lecture immediately after purchasing.

Detailed description

Email marketing is everyone’s favourite channel for crazy conversion rates.

In this video, you will learn thoroughly how to use product launches to grow your mailing list without a marketing budget, how to make people sign up to your mailing list, how to reduce unsubscribes, and keep them as valuable readers. And much more.

These chapters are included in the 40-minutes video:

  • Email is the marketing channel with the highest ROI 1:43
  • Why I love beta sign-ups for list building 1:20
  • Building a high-converting sign-up page 0:24
  • › There is no perfect landing page 0:41
  • › Headline 0:38
  • › Sub headline 0:13
  • › Call-to-action 0:16
  • › Sign-up form 0:49
  • › Content 0:30
  • › Objection handling 0:17
  • › Value propositions 0:23
  • › What else to mention on your landing page 1:26
  • Converting your regular visitors to subscribers 0:23
  • Convincing people to sign up (without offering vouchers or similar) 1:27
  • Never call your newsletter "newsletter" 0:29
  • How to build a very usable sign-up funnel 3:51
  • How to get relevant subscribers without being annoying 0:13
  • Test different marketing channels & campaigns 0:12
  • › Facebook groups 0:27
  • › Product Hunt 0:23
  • › Instagram 0:32
  • › YouTube 0:27
  • › Drip campaigns 0:19
  • › Offline marketing 2:07
  • Focus deeply on one channel at a time 1:07
  • Build a machinery to help you be consistent 1:04
  • Utilise your thank you page 1:17
  • Viral distribution through social sharing 1:26
  • Let people pay with a share 1:04
  • Your newsletter content 0:10
  • Segment recipients to increase relevance 0:44
  • Sender, subject line, pre-header 3:59
  • Opening rate is a vanity metric 0:52
  • How to structure your email content to increase click-throughs 0:50
  • Don't write newsletters for the sake of writing newsletters 0:25
  • Gather tons of feedback & never stop experimenting 0:46
  • My favourite first email a/b test 0:36
  • How to stay out of the spam folder 2:03
  • How to reduce your opt-out rate 1:50
  • Tool recommendations for email marketing 1:50

As you can see, in this video you will definitely learn a lot about email marketing and list building from years worth of knowledge, compressed into practical tips that you can apply immediately to your work and business.

To answer some of your burning questions:

How long can I access the video?

You will have lifetime access to the video.

Will all content be available immediately?‍

Absolutely. You will get immediate access to the video, sent to your email.‍

Who is this video right for?‍

This video is made for beginners and advanced marketers. It is great for you to improve your skills in any marketing discipline – not only conversion optimisation. It helps you improve your professional value as UX/UI designer, SEO, social media, product development manager, etc.